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Speaking Schedule

Wendy Chamberlain is a dynamic sought-after speaker who shares her message with passion and enthusiasm.

She is inspiring, motivating and uplifting.

She will empower you or your seminar participants to take action.

To Book Wendy, Click Here.

Shannon Bush from International Association for Creative Women in Business“I had the absolute honour of holding a content rich conversation with Wendy Moore today for the International Association of Creative Women in Business Empower Hour Expert call.

Wendy truly is a master when it comes to making Social Media for business effortless for all business owners.

Wendy shared her expertise in a powerful way, answering questions live on the call and thereby offering a priceless opportunity for learning the importance of using Social Media for branding and creating true on-line expertise.

Thanks so much Wendy, on behalf of our members and my community I am full of appreciation and really look forward to working with you again in the future.

Shannon Bush &

“Thank you Wendy for a wonderful job at MCing our 10th Birthday celebrations incorporating our SMSF presentation. With over 130 guests, you kept them entertained and excited. You ensured all the presenters kept to time and made the whole evening flow smoothly and effortlessly.

We also received comments from our guests about how great you were! We have no hesitation in recommending your services to other companies and individuals. We look forward to our next event with yourself as our regular MC.”

Joanne Attard & Mary Sartinas,

“Wendy is an inspiring speaker and presenter. Her Social Media topic is packed full of information, suggestions and education. What Wendy doesn’t know about this topic is probably not worth knowing.

As a new and growing industry that spends most of our time on the internet, Wendy provided us with a vision on how best to leverage this opportunity when building our business and providing services to other small businesses. Thank you Wendy we appreciate your support. You have provided our members a lot to think about and a lot of practical and informative information on how to best utilize social media within their own businesses. Thanks for such an awesome night. Wendy Moore’s information was perfect – I took away a couple of key pieces of information I have been needing and I’m looking forward to implementing them immediately.”

Liz Parker,

Wendy’s UPCOMING speaking engagements:


98.9 NorthWest FM Radio Midday Panorama [INTERVIEW] – Friday 7th August 2020

Wendy’s PAST speaking engagements:


98.9 NorthWest FM Radio Midday Panorama [INTERVIEW] – Friday 5th June 2020

98.9 NorthWest FM Radio Midday Panorama [INTERVIEW] – Friday 17th April 2020

98.9 NorthWest FM Radio Midday Panorama [INTERVIEW] – Friday 27th March 2020

98.9 NorthWest FM Radio Midday Panorama [INTERVIEW] – Friday 7th February 2020

98.9 NorthWest FM Radio Midday Panorama [INTERVIEW] – Friday 29th November 2019

98.9 NorthWest FM Radio Midday Panorama [INTERVIEW] – Friday 30th August 2019

98.9 NorthWest FM Radio Midday Panorama [INTERVIEW] – Friday 19th July 2019

98.9 NorthWest FM Radio Midday Panorama [INTERVIEW] – Friday 31st May 2019

98.9 NorthWest FM Radio Midday Panorama [INTERVIEW] – Friday 26th April 2019

98.9 NorthWest FM Radio Midday Panorama [INTERVIEW] – Friday 15th February 2019

98.9 NorthWest FM Radio Midday Panorama [INTERVIEW] – November 2018

98.9 NorthWest FM Radio Midday Panorama [INTERVIEW] – July 2018

89.9 LightFM [INTERVIEW] – July 2018

Women’s Network Australia Hour of Power [VIDEO CONFERENCE] – 21 November 2016

Sky News TV [INTERVIEW] – February 2016

Sky News TV [INTERVIEW] – January 2016

Home Addressed [INTERVIEW] – February 2016

Everyday Property Investing [INTERVIEW] – May 2013

Social Superstar Secrets [WEBATHON] – 23rd April 2012

Internet Marketing with Brett McFall and Wendy Moore [WEBINAR] – 8th May 2012

Women Winning @ Work [WEBINAR] – Thursday 16th February 2012

Teleseminar with David Zeltner [TELESEMINAR] – Wednesday 15th February 2012

Empower Hour Conversation with Shannon Bush [TELESEMINAR] – Friday 9th December 2011

Red Tent Radio [INTERVIEW] – Thursday 21st April 2011 (US), Friday 22nd April 2011 (Australia)

Red Tent Radio – [INTERVIEW] – 22 March 2011

Kinalearn – [TELESUMMIT] – 19-23 February 2011

Wise Women of the Web – [TELESEMINAR] – 30th August – 3rd September 2010

The Entrepreneurs Guide to Success Series – [TELESUMMIT] 19th – 23rd July 2010

SkyBusiness News TV  – Your Money Your Call [INTERVIEW] – June 2008

3AW with Drive host Peter Maher [INTERVIEW] – December 2007

Women on the Line with Monique Sofo [INTERVIEW] – October 2006


Women’s Network Australia [EVENT] – Tuesday 25th June 2019

Fresh Networking [EVENT] – Thursday 7th March 2019

Fresh Networking [EVENT] – Tuesday 4th December 2018

Moreland Business Women’s Network Coffee Conversations [EVENT] – Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Golden Key National Honours Society Annual Conference [EVENT] – Friday 12th February 2016

Networks Events Melbourne [EVENT] – Friday 25th May 2012

Stereo UN Typical Success Business Intensive [EVENT] – 18-20 May 2012

Networks Events Melbourne [EVENT] – Friday 27th April 2012

Network Events Melbourne [EVENT] – Friday 16th March 2012

Savvy List Building Intensive Event with Luce Chandon [EVENT] – Tuesday 23rd August 2011

Verix Finance 10th Birthday Party [EVENT] – 26th July 2011

Liberal Women’s Council Evening Forum [Event] – Tuesday 17th May 2011

Savvy Facebook Event – [EVENT] – Tuesday 30th November 2010

Savvy Snapshot Event – [EVENT] – Saturday 16th October 2010

The Red Tent Woman – [EVENT] – Friday 27th August 2010

Savvy Snapshot Half Day Event – [EVENT] – July 27 2010

Fast-Track Profits – [EVENT] – Saturday 19th June 2010

An Interview by Sue Papadoulis – [TELESEMINAR] – Wednesday 4th November 2009

MCEI Conference – [EVENT] – Friday 30th October 2009 – Internet Marketing

What Women Want – [EVENT] – Sunday 25th October 2009 – LIVE Social Media demo

Savvy Social Media – [EVENT] – Sunday 30th August 2009

VA Placements – [WEBINAR] – Wednesday 22nd July 2009- Social Media Webinar

Productivity Coaching Club – [TELESEMINAR] – 9 June 2009

Contagious Enthusiasm – 22 February, 2009

The Red Tent Woman – [EVENT] – 11 February, 2009

Port Fairy (Victoria)

Rural Summit 2012 [EVENT] – 18-20 April 2012

Ballina (NSW)

Power Breakfast [EVENT] – Tuesday 23rd November 2010


Social Media Super Hero [EVENT] – Thursday 24th March 2011

Gold Coast

Summit of Ultimate Marketing Success
[EVENT] – 24-26 June 2012
The VIVA Conference – [EVENT] – 3-4 September 2010


Accelerate in Business – [EVENT] – Friday 14th – Sunday 16th August 2010 – LIVE Social Media demo

Infusion Networking – [EVENT] – 3 June 2009 – 3 Keys to internet success


Women’s Network Australia – [EVENT] – 26 February, 2009

West Australia Investment Property Group – [EVENT] – 26 February, 2009

People Who Have Shared the Stage with Wendy

Kate Engler
Kate EnglerVisit Kate’s website

Sharon Pearson

Sharon Pearson

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Simon Treselyan

Simon Treselyan

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Sue and Stevey Soucy
Sue and Steve SoucyVisit Sue and Steve’s website

Tania Usher

Tania Usher

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John Anderson

John Anderson

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Brett McFall

Brett McFall

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Renee Mayne

Renee Mayne

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Cydney O’Sullivan

Cydney O'Sullivan

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John Assaraf

John Assaraf

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Gary Vanyerchuk

Gary Varynerchuk

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Mark Victor Hansen

Mark Hansen

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Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers

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Michelle MacPhearson

Michelle MacPhearson

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Chris Howard

Chris Howard

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Sarah Prout

Sarah Prout

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Janet Beckers

Janet Beckers

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Kurek Ashley

Kurek Ashley

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Dale Beaumont

Dale Beaumont

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Eric Bailey

Eric Bailey

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Joanna Martin
Joanna Martin

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Rick Otton

Rick Otton

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Alisse Bradley

Alisse Bradley

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Phil Anderson
Phil Anderson

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Ben Angel

Ben Angel

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Ludwina Dautovic

Ludwina Dautovic

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