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Buying a property in Preston can be a daunting and difficult process. For many of us, it is something we only do a few times in our lives.

A buyers advocate (also known as a buyers agent or property finder) can be an enormous help to make it easy to buy a home or investment property by:

  • removing the stress and frustration of buying a home
  • saving you time and allowing you to get your weekends back
  • saving you from having to deal with the tactics of real estate agents

Questions such as “where can I find a home I can afford”, “am I paying too much?”, “where can I find someone to bid for me at auction” are easily answered with the assistance of a buyer’s agent specialising in the Preston area.

A buyers advocate can manage the entire buying process for you or, where you have found a property, negotiate on your behalf with the agent or bid at auction for you.

WE MAKE IT EASY to get your weekends back and find the perfect home or investment property in Preston for a LOW FLAT FIXED FEE. We guide you through the entire process, from selecting a home, market appraisal, negotiating/bidding to the final inspection, and help you purchase with confidence.

We also offer a service for vendors selling in Preston. We offer our Vendor Advocacy service to our sellers at NO CHARGE.

Preston Suburb Profile

Preston is one of Melbourne’s suburbs situated 9 kilometers north of the central business district (CBD). The area with a population of 32,851 as of 2016 belongs to the local government area of the City of Darebin.

It was during the so-called Melbourne land boom sales in the late 1830s when parcels of land ranging from 300 to 1,000 acres in Preston were all sold.

By 1841, the first permanent white resident in the area arrived. His name was Samuel Jeffrey who gave Preston’s first name Irishtown.

Through the years, businesses were opened in the area some by immigrants from England. In fact, they were responsible for giving the name Preston which they took after a small village in Sussex England.

Initially, Preston’s economy depended on farming, dairying and market gardens particularly for fertile lands. Pottery and brick making were also noted at that time and by 1862, a bacon-curing factory was set up. Eventually, more factories were built in the area not only for hams and bacons but as well as for tannery.

Preston’s population went up to 200 around the 1860s and by then, five hotels were already in place.

The area’s first public transportation became a reality in 1889 in the form of the rail line. Servicing Collingwood and Whittlesea, the rail line passed through Preston and set up several stations.

It was also at this time when Preston was promoted as a residential area. Its population then further increased to 3,600.

Preston experienced urban development in the 1920s due to a number of factors. Firstly, direct rail link was established between Collingwood and Flinders Street in 1904. Secondly, a tram line was built linking Melbourne and the city. Other developments that took place were the electrification of the area, the establishment of primary and high schools.

Preston is a large suburb that got proclaimed as a city in 1915. Not all residential properties in the area are on the high end. The eastern section is the cheapest with smaller homes and less attractive streets while the western part is the most expensive featuring larger homes, well maintained sidewalks, nature strips and large rows of trees.

Median house price Preston

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