The Melbourne Property Market Is Cooling

The Melbourne property market is confirmed to be in a cooling condition due to the drop in auction clearance rates in many suburbs since the start of the year. Data collected by the Domain Group from January to March shows clearance rates were lower compared to the same months in 2017. In some suburbs, the[…]

Capital Gains Tax to Be Aware of When Selling Your House

Capital gains tax or CGT is commonly imposed in Australia and is part of one’s income tax. This particular tax is levied against the selling of a real estate property and other capital assets. Basically, it is levied on profits gained when one disposes of an asset purchased after September 20, 1985. When selling a[…]

Disgusting Things You Need to Watch Out for in a Home

When buying a home, it is strongly recommended that buyers check all the areas of the property to ensure that you are aware of its condition including the not-so-good signs. A residential property is a valuable investment and you don’t want to waste your money on one that you would only regret owning later on.[…]

Reserve Bank Keeps Current Interest Rate at 1.50%

The Reserve Bank of Australia today decided to retain the current official cash interest rate of 1.5 percent. The historic low rate has been maintained for 20 straight months in a row. The experts have pointed to the sluggish growth of wages and the cooling housing market as factors that led to the retention of[…]

[Final reminder] The New Rules For Property Investing In 2018 (And Beyond)

Only a few hours to go before our epic webinar training with Jane Slack-Smith. It’s all about how to navigate the minefield of changes in the Australian property market this year… And while there’s no such thing as a ‘crystal ball’for property… but Jane Slack-Smith must surely be the next best thing. This Thursday she’s[…]

Take Back Control And Invest With Confidence In 2018

There’s no such thing as a ‘crystal ball’ for property…but Jane Slack-Smith must surely be the next best thing. This Thursday she’s revealing the 3 property strategies she thinks will dominate in 2018 and beyond. You can register for the FREE online training here: The New Rules For Property Investing In 2018 (And Beyond) Jane[…]

[Webinar] The New Roadmap For Navigating The Property Minefield of 2018

If you missed my last email about Jane Slack-Smith’s webinar, ‘The New Rules For Property Investing In 2018’… Two important things: 1)If you’re interested in growing wealth with property, you really should attend. (If you’re thinking about buying in 2018…do NOT make any moves before you’ve heard what Jane has to say.) 2)The webinar will[…]

Why The Australian Property Environment Is Changing Fast And Only Savvy Investors Will Prosper

If your retirement plan relies on Real Estate, you absolutely must know what Jane Slack-Smith is about to reveal in her free webinar: The New Rules In Property Investing In 2018. Jane will show you how to protect yourself from devastating losses — and — capitalise handsomely in one of the most uncertain property climates[…]

Guide to Buying Your First Home and the Role of a Buyers Advocate

Many first home buyers are overwhelmed about the property market when choosing to buy their first home. With no clear knowledge on the steps to take, they get disappointed not being able to find that dream home after weeks of searching or finding that the advertised price of the property they like has gone up[…]

What Is Yield For An Investment Property?

Most people who buy a property often want to know the return they will get in the future. This is referred to as the yield. Some investors are interested in the current return while the others are more particular about the potential yield. A yield is the amount of annual return an investor or homeowner[…]